"Que dire alors d’Ewa Podles, dont l’interprétation d’Arsace atteint des sommets que l’on croyait inaccessibles? Les superlatifs sont ici de rigueur, tant on a l’impression que cette voix somptueuse, a l’étendue exceptionnelle, nous ramene a un âge d’or. A ce niveau, le chant devient religion et le public ne sait plus au juste s’il doit communier debout ou a genoux. Un triomphe inoubliable!"

("What to say about Ewa Podles, whose interpretation of Arsace reached the heights which had previously seemed inaccessible? The critic needs to reach for new superlatives, when confronted with this sumptous voice that brought us back to the golden age of the opera. At this level of excellence hearing this kind of singing becomes a religious experience , a communion with music; the public must only decide whether to worship this voice standing up, or on their knees. An unforgettable triumph!")

January 6, 2006

by Pierre Cadars