Ewa Podles is a formidable singer, but also an excellent actress. The perfidy of death in dialogue with its victims, alternately cajoling or mocking them “aside”, came down not only in modulation of her voice at times taking on a metallic, menacing tone, but also in her expressive diction. There were also actor’s measures: the gesture of hands clasped on her chest – sometimes discreetly rubbed by the singer-death –perfectly expressed hypocrisy of the Death pretending to be kind-hearted.
In her perfect interpretation, even a single note emphasised by dynamics and timbre takes on a dramatic meaning. Podles has a great skill of uttering such musical and verbal nuances and, to this extent, she found an equally formidable partner in Garrick Ohlsson .

December 10, 2001

by Anna S. Dębowska